“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.”

We are architects of extraordinary experiences! With a personalized approach to customer service, we produce eye-catching set designs, engaging content, and immersive experiences; Creating moments that don’t just linger, but instead, are etched into memories, leaving a lasting impression.

When GVP began, clients were attracted to our unique ability to design spectacular sets with an unparalleled impact. With a vast line of LED products + an expertise in content/graphics, along with Emmy Award winning video production, the company excelled, elevating thousands of events and projects across the country.

Over time, GVP’s reputation for excellence, wild creativity, and passionate commitment to each project expanded the company to offer full service event production and creative services; Operating on some the world’s largest stages, managing entire award-winning productions.


Creation is the whispered promise of thoughts materializing. It paints a story that bridges the gap between the mind and the tangible universe. Here you can explore some of our creations…

This is visual impact at it’s finest. Whether on a studio set, video shoot, or live at an event, the goal is to create a wow-factor. Something so attractive, it draws people in, stops them in their tracks, and leaves them wanting more. We design sets, entrances, and interactive spaces, using LED screens, lighting, scenic elements, and custom fabrication. These designs are strategically created to help achieve specific goals and increase audience engagement. It’s the crucial element that sets the tone before you even begin.

This is the substance of the entire project. Content has the ability to sell a vision, message, or product. It can extract an emotion, connect an audience, or transform 2D surfaces into 3D experiences. We offer several forms of content creation, some of our most popular services currently include:

  • Video & Film Production – Script writing, storyboarding, video shoots, voiceovers, music selection, editing, color correction, graphics, etc.
  • Motion Graphics, Animated Designs, & Video Mapping
  • 3D Graphics and animations
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design & Signage
  • Pre-visualizations & Renders
  • Music Production – Writing and producing custom music for events or videos
  • Script Writing – Opening monologues, video scripts, presenter scripts, VOG, presentations, etc.
  • PPT or Alternative Presentations

Think of GVP as your ultimate idea engine; The team you never knew you needed, until you experience the power of collaboration and true partnership. When designing experiences, we work hand-in-hand with Event Organizers, Planners, Producers, Agencies, and Creatives across the globe.

While our partners/clients typically focus on the operations and logistics of an event, along with marketing, food and beverage, and decor elements, we come along side them to make sure every ingredient works together to form the perfect recipe for experience. We strategize and offer innovative ideas, concepts, and talent, while also formulating the programing, immersion experience, and content.


Consider this orchestrating the symphony; weaving together all the ideas and raw materials to produce a masterpiece.

GVP is able to offer clients more value for their investment due to how we’ve strategically designed our business, the relationships we’ve built, and the amount of products and services we provide in-house. Below you’ll find some of the key elements we offer in regards to management as well as audio-visual services.

Event Management Services

  • Formulating strategic goals and plans
  • Consulting on branding and sponsorship
  • Creating deadlines and master plans
  • Drawings and Renderings
  • Producing run-of-show documents
  • Creation: set design, content, scripting, etc.
  • Coordinating with talent & fulfilling riders
  • Talent coaching & directing + Managing Rehearsals
  • Production Management – crewing, staging, rigging, power, audio-visual, scenic, special effects, trucking, and logistics

Audio Visual Services

  • Video & Film Production
  • TVs & Touch Screens (32″ – 86″ screens)
  • LED wall (2.3mm – 10mm indoor/outdoor)
  • LED Wall Installations & Integration
  • LED Floor & LED Custom shapes
  • Audio (D&B, QSC, JBL, Clear-Com, Sennheiser, Shure)
  • Lighting (Elation, Chauvet, Martin, Clay Paky, Robe, Vari-Lite, MA)
  • Lasers
  • Rigging (Truss, motors, crank towers, etc.)
  • Staging (custom stage builds, 4′ x 8′ decks, SL100, SL320, SAM450)
  • Power/Generators
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Special Effects & new technology (Sparkulars, Foggers, Cryo, Geysers, Confetti Canons, Snow Machines, Kabuki curtains, Rain curtain, Holograms, Pyrotechnics, Projection mapping, and more!)

*Please note, all of our gear must have a GVP representative present during setup and strike. In order to keep our gear in pristine condition, we do not offer dry rentals. A full product list is available to partners upon request.


Imagine a finely tuned instrument, where each note played, resonates in the melodies of the music, forming the experiences we collect – that’s connection. Without it, our efforts are lost.

When we talk about impact and leaving lasting impressions, this is a pivotal step in the process. Connecting the right people, the right partners, and the right message to connect the right audiences. Making these connections helps us accomplish our strategic goals; increasing engagement, multiplying participation, developing positive association and brand identity, and leading people to take action.